Kitchen Appliance Color Trends: New Takes on Old Favorites

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You may not remember the days of coppertone, harvest gold and avocado kitchen appliances, and you might think that those turquoise, hot pink and candy apple red refrigerators are a brand new trend, but saying that everything old is new again is at least partially true today. Retro looks in appliances are some of the latest trends. So if you love color, go ahead and express yourself with colorful kitchen appliances. This is the time to be bold – match your appliances to your cabinets, or mix colors with stainless steel and other metallics. Your kitchen remodel will be trendy and right in step with the times.

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Appliances

While there may be better choices than avocado and harvest gold, the point remains that if you are ready to embrace color, you can be either bold or subtle. Viking, Aga, Bertazzoni, Northstar and other manufacturers offer a wide array of colored appliances to match or contrast with your decor. Some are soft and soothing, while others scream “fun” and become the focal point of the kitchen, if not the entire house.

Stainless steel is no longer the only way to go, but it is not likely to disappear from the scene either. If you’re planning a kitchen redo, popular stainless is still a good choice and will blend seamlessly with newer finishes. That’s great if you don’t plan to replace all your appliances at the same time. Black and white appliances can be every bit as high tech and edgy as the new metallic finishes. Both, however, are crisper and sleeker than they have been in the past, and often have more stainless accents than before.

Feel free to mix black or white with stainless, or mix a black stainless refrigerator with a brushed stainless oven and shiny stainless lighting fixtures and faucets. Create a personal and individualized look that speaks to your own sense of style. Kitchenaid’s “Black Stainless” and the “White Ice” collection from Whirlpool led the way, and other companies have joined the parade, introducing darker gunmetal tones and inky blacks with great depth to replace the shine. New finishes exhibit more “character” than the previous shiny surfaces and also resist smudges and fingerprints better. Brushed and burnished finishes are trendy, and some appliances sport a bronzed look for trim or front panels.

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An Exciting Era for Kitchen Design

It’s a bold new world, where almost anything goes. Colored knobs are available on certain pro-style ranges; other appliances come with a choice of metal hardware, from black iron to burnished gold. Some oven manufacturers put the color on the interior, leading to a surprise when you open the oven door.

Appliance color trends are likely to come and go in the future, just as they have in the past, so be guided by your own preferences. In today’s open plan homes, when the kitchen is a part of or at least visible from living areas, make your kitchen as attractive as it is hard working. Analyze your style options and create a great living environment. Our professional designers can help you do exactly that, melding your kitchen’s style with your design preferences, always keeping in mind your space, taste and budget.

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