5 Home Office Design Ideas

The Kitchen Master | October 21, 2021

With more people working from home offices than ever before, many of us are looking for ways to make those home offices more comfortable, practical, and pleasant to look at all day. But figuring out what changes to make to your home office can be difficult if you’re not even sure where to start; maybe you have a small frustration here and there, but you’re afraid to commit to solutions without considering all of the angles. Today, we’ll look at five ideas to guide you in designing a perfect home office — one that suits your needs and wants.

Design Your Space To Suit Your Workflow

You should nearly always design your space first and foremost to serve the way you work, with aesthetics coming second. That doesn’t mean you should look up every office productivity design hack you can implement in your next interior remodel. Rather, think about the things you need and how you need them when you work. Design a space where they’re easy to access and use comfortably and consistently.

Give Yourself Something To Look At

As you design your office, think carefully about where you’ll be looking and resting your gaze. That means what sits behind your monitor and where you can sit and look when you’re not working on a screen. A lovely coat of paint on your home office walls can liven up your workspace and keep you energetic. Looking through a window at will can also be great, assuming the sight outside is something worth seeing.

Think Vertical To Make the Most of Space

If you want to make the most of your office space, you’re going to need to stack and go vertical. Multiple shelves on a wall, bins under a tall desk, a wall-mounted desk to preserve floor space — by layering your office in this way, you can turn any given square foot of floor into multiple square feet of usable space for your office. Make sure to organize with appropriate trays, folders, cabinets, and more to make your space feel even larger.

Make Sure You Have Room To Move

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of being able to move around in a home office — which is part of the reason why so many so-called home offices are repurposed walk-in closets or storage rooms rather than something a bit less claustrophobic. Moving around and positioning yourself in different ways throughout the workday will help you immensely, without requiring you to leave your workspace and risk losing your work groove. If you can configure your office to allow you to work in multiple locations, such as with multiple desks or seating options, all the better.

Manage Lighting and Natural Light for Comfort

Lighting is a crucial component of a healthy, comfortable workspace that all too many people forget to account for in design. You’ll quickly regret it if you end up with an office design that leaves you working with the sun in your eyes unless you seal the blinds tight all day, or if you end up sitting in the shadows because the overhead light isn’t bright enough. Remember, poor lighting around your monitor can cause headaches and eye strain, so make sure to aim for a matching ambient light.

Learn More About Home Office Design and Remodeling

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