A Guide to Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

The Kitchen Master | September 13, 2017

Every bathroom remodel has some common threads: You want to maximize function, create an efficient space for personal hygiene and grooming, install attractive water-saving fixtures and faucets, and minimize required upkeep and maintenance.

In addition, the best bathroom renovations look to the future in terms of changing human needs, durability of materials, lasting value, and adaptability. It’s a lot to think about, but if you break the process down into manageable segments, it becomes less intimidating.

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1. First Thing’s First

Consider what you need. Your goal might be to enlarge the physical space, or to rearrange the plan so that two people can share the room easily. If your Chicagoland home has an adequate number of bathrooms, could they be enhanced with new fixtures and decor? Do you want beauty as well as eco-friendly, water-saving faucets and fixtures? Would you like a larger, master spa retreat to relax in? Are you less than happy to direct guests to a family bath? Would a powder room be an added convenience?  Are you tired of dated decor and dingy tile? Once you set priorities, your direction becomes clear.

2. Set a Preliminary Budget

Only you can determine what is appropriate. Spend big bucks or work within a strict budget. Updating to sell is primarily a financial decision; updating because you want additional comfort, more storage and newer style is a lifestyle choice, and will be, at least partially, an emotional decision. But it is still a financial commitment. Be realistic about the dollars you want to spend. Even though updated bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most popular triggers for potential buyers, you cannot expect 100 percent return on your remodel expenditure.

3. Decide on Floor Plan and Decor

the kitchen master bathroom renovation glass shower in center grey walls garden tub
Custom Modern Master Bath

Sometimes the actual bathroom layout is perfectly suited for your needs, and only the decor needs updating. However, if function could also be improved, you’ll want the advice of a professional to maximize the benefits. Moving plumbing can be expensive, but not impossible. Adding a separate shower or a second vanity may more than double your bathroom’s usefulness. Typically, bath renovations focus on modernization, but period charm can be every bit as functional. You’ll want to explore ideas and set your priorities based on your personal needs.

4. Maximize Storage

A common lament from homeowners everywhere is that bathrooms have limited storage. Luckily, today there are many ways to gain space for towels, grooming aids and cleaning supplies. It all just takes a bit of creative vision. Add cubbies in the shower and create niches in a section of wall. Install a tall cabinet to hold towels; maximize countertop space and corral bottles in baskets. Plan for over-the-toilet storage or create a storage cabinet under a window. Take a lesson from hotels, and hang the hair dryer next to the vanity mirror. Explore other ideas with your design consultant.

5. Make It Happen

The best way to move from dream to reality is with a professional team. The entire process can become easier and move smoothly from one phase to another if you work with The Kitchen Master. From initial design consultation to final completion, your renovation becomes our priority. We’ll do everything possible to assure that the work is completed on time and within budget — just the way you would expect.

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