Dark Toned Kitchens: Creating the Right Balance

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If you’ve been following kitchen trends, it should be no surprise that dark and stormy tones, deep rich chocolate and even black are trending now. The new look of kitchen decor is a welcome alternative to a decor dictum that specified “light and bright” as the kitchen standard. The new sensibility reflects a growing acknowledgment that upscale kitchens should march to a different beat. After all, they are no longer only functional work spaces; they function in many ways as living space that deserves as much style as adjacent dens and living rooms.

Here are some ways to approach kitchen redesign and capitalize on new style trends while still maintaining a comfortable balance. Never be tempted to forgo efficiency just to conform to a new trend.

Balance Dark and Light for Kitchen Style

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Just as day follows night in the sequence of time, plan to counter dark cabinets with some light touches. The contrast need not be as extreme as black and white: If your new wood cabinets are a smoky charcoal or deep coffee, balance their tone with dove grey, pale taupe or creamy white. Select Carrara marble countertops to demonstrate that you have mastered the art of contrast. This classic combination has historic appeal, but it’s also as modern as tomorrow. Whether your basic decor is traditional or Euro-tech, you’ll be right in step with the times.

Color Adds Spark to Dark Cabinets

Deep chocolate painted cabinets or gleaming wood that is an almost-black, rich espresso benefit from a lighthearted infusion of color. Paint the walls turquoise or palest pink (just for fun!), pick bold backsplash tile or contrast the darkness with glistening white counters. Then add a cacophony of color for accessories and small appliances. Mix and match primary colors if you wish, go with a garden-inspired rainbow, or stick with a favorite single accent, whether it’s lemon yellow or fire engine red. The bonus with this plan is that you can alter your scheme depending on your mood or change the mood of your kitchen decor with each successive season. It’s a novel approach that’s never boring!
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Pale Floors Showcase Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Both natural wood flooring and pale-tone tile look modern, clean and stylish against dark cabinets; they also allow you to steer a middle course if a high-contrast color scheme is not your preference. Because it’s one of the kitchen’s biggest surfaces, your flooring also sets the tone for the rest of the room. If you love the variegated look of rustic slate on the floor, you can still ring the kitchen perimeter with dark cabinets, but you might want to install a center island with a contrasting light finish to brighten the effect. Again, it’s a matter of balance and personal appeal.

A Continuum of Color for Your Kitchen Remodel

Subtle gradations of color, textural interest, and a combination of shiny and matte finishes are extremely appealing, and help to counteract the darkness of deep-toned cabinets. But, if you love drama, go ahead and install an artistic dark tile backsplash as well. Choose a lighter counter material, perhaps in a honed finish, and be sure that there’s plenty of natural light and sufficient task lighting throughout. Add some gleam and sparkle in hardware and accessories. If you opt for monotones, vary the intensity of the color.

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