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Not only has smart technology revolutionized business and communications, but it is now marching into the home, changing forever the way we will live our lives. Wireless security systems and remote monitoring functions are commonplace, but new realities can still surprise and startle. Appliances that “think” and “talk to one other” and kitchen functions that can be programmed and controlled remotely or by mobile apps are no longer future possibilities. They are currently available for you to bring home.

There are many ways smart kitchen designs have developed over the years, with plenty of innovations making it easier than ever to maximize the convenience of your kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Design Technology Trends

The kitchen of the future will not only function well, but will be responsive and interactive, according to those in the know. Concept kitchens that were featured at a 2015 Milan Expo were not configured to perform their functions automatically, but rather to help homeowners control them more thoughtfully, with an eye toward not only efficiency but toward controlling waste, living and eating better, and being more thoughtful about the environment. The futuristic ideas were born out of concern for future generations as much as from a desire to make life easier.

Smart Appliances — A Quick Overview

Appliance manufacturers have responded to the digital age by developing ovens and refrigerators that can be programmed for a variety of uses. You can choose to adjust temperatures to fast-freeze or to hold fruit slushies at the right consistency. You can also choose to convert a freezer into a wine-chiller for a party. One new model acts as a home communication center where you can leave messages for your family. You can also access a favorite recipe from your mobile app and then actually survey the contents of your fridge and send a shopping list to your supermarket, enabling you to pick up ingredients on your way home.

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Ovens currently are not only programmable for start and stop times, but are equipped with sensors that allow you to “personalize” your entire dinner preparation plan. In the future, you won’t even have to be in your kitchen to turn the oven on or to check cooking progress. It is likely you’ll be able to do it via mobile app. Already, smart kitchen design innovations have embraced digital technology in many of its forms.

Smart Kitchen Layouts

While kitchens are in little danger of disappearing from the American home, the look of the kitchen is likely to change. With the advent of smart technology, not only in appliances, but throughout the space, the options for good looks and flexibility increase. In the HGTV 2016 Smart Home in Raleigh, N.C., lighting can be controlled by a wall switch, remote or smart phone. Wave touch controls and motion sensors are also employed in the kitchen. The same is true for many appliance and security functions throughout the home.

Get a Professional Smart Kitchen Design

These are exciting times for kitchen design. Trends toward mindful living, environmental awareness and sustainability play a huge role in the development of new technology that will revolutionize home kitchens. The professional designers at The Kitchen Master are well equipped to stay abreast of the trends and developments. When you would like to explore ideas for updating your kitchen, we will be happy to introduce you to the new possibilities. We invite you to stop by our showroom in Naperville so that we can show you the future! It will be a good one.

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