A Full Kitchen Design or Partial Renovation? How to Decide

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Kitchen remodels are among the most popular home projects in the country. They are also some of the most expensive. But, what if you just want a new look and some fresh appeal? How do you decide when enough is enough in terms of planning a kitchen renovation. Here are some things to consider, and some suggestions to help you decide between a partial renovation or a full kitchen redesign.

Does the Layout Work for You?

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The first question to ask yourself is whether the layout of your existing kitchen is adequate. Does the floor plan work for you? Remember, that, within the boundaries of the existing space, you might be able to gain more storage, add modern conveniences, and even remove some walls to create a more open plan. If, however, your space is cramped or you want to rearrange the appliances, add an island or move the sink, you’re looking at a more extensive renovation. Still, you might be able to accomplish it without totally gutting the space.

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How Much Do You Love Your Cabinets and Countertops?

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If your kitchen layout works well for you, take a good look at your cabinets. When they’re old and tired, you can refinish them and add some modern features without totally replacing them. If the boxes and interiors are still serviceable, applying a new stain to alter the look, or refacing them and changing the door style might be enough.

However, if you lack sufficient cabinets and storage space or they look outdated or out of place in your kitchen, you’ll need more than just some cosmetic updates. Because cabinetry is such a focal point of any kitchen, it’s important that they be changed to create the look you want in your kitchen.

Replacing your old countertops with new granite or quartz counters and a new backsplash can make a big impact on the look of your kitchen. That said, replacing counters may also require that you upgrade your fixtures, wall tile and even paint.

Are You Happy with Your Appliances?

Nothing speaks trendy like shiny new appliances in stainless steel or one of the newer blackened finishes. If your appliances are outdated and lack the functionality you’re looking for, you might be in need of a substantial update to your kitchen to ensure your new appliances work with your existing layout. Wall ovens, double ovens or expanded cooktops may require updated cabinetry to be put in place and your kitchen to be reconfigured. If you also lack many of the modern appliances that you’re looking for in your home such as a beverage fridge or a wine fridge, it might be time to consider upgrading more than just your appliances.

What Constitutes a Major Remodel?

A professional designer has the ability to create big visual changes with strategic layout designs. However, if having the traditional “kitchen triangle” doesn’t make cooking a breeze, or if you want to enlarge or open up the space, reorient the view, move the sink, or add an island or an eating area, you might be looking at major construction, and a larger budget. Often, you’ll need approved building plans to obtain a construction permit, and you’ll be subject to code enforcement and municipal inspections. Plumbing and electrical work that involves relocating lines requires licensed contractors. And the timeline for a major kitchen renovation is likely to extend several weeks.

Weigh the Benefits

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If you want a brand new kitchen designed to make your dreams reality, though, it is worth the time and effort to get it right.

The Kitchen Master’s certified designers will be happy to advise you about options and costs. Call or visit our 4,000 square foot showroom to find out how we can assist you. If you decide to work with us, we’ll schedule a site visit at your home and supervise the entire project from preliminary drawings to final clean up. No matter what your vision entails, we’ll help you find the right solution. Would you like to schedule a consultation right now?

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