2020 Kitchen Design Trends

The Kitchen Master | March 19, 2020

The kitchen is a place in your home where you can showcase your sense of design and style. If yours is starting to look a little outdated, it may be time to consider a redesign. Kitchen cabinets and countertops are a main focus of that design, and 2020 is bringing some exciting design trends to the industry. As you plan your remodel, take some time to carefully consider up-and-coming design trends, so your new kitchen will reflect a modern, attractive style.

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Color Makes a Comeback

In 2020, color is making a comeback. Instead of minimalist kitchens with white or brown cabinetry, expect to see bright, bold colors. Color isn’t just in the backsplash or wall color either, but also in the cabinetry and countertops. Many designers are opting for a standard color for most of the cabinets or counters, then adding a splash of bolder color for one area, like the pantry cabinet or the kitchen island. With this design trend, you can really let your personality shine. Many of our cabinetry options are semi-custom options, which let you get just a little more creative.

Glass Cabinetry Doors

Glass is another trend from several decades ago that’s making a comeback. Homeowners like to show off their dish collections, and glass cabinet doors let them do that. In 2020, many are opting for solid doors on the bottom cabinets, which are great for hiding more cluttered kitchen essentials, and glass for upper cabinets, so they can showcase their favorite dishes and other kitchenware in an attractive manner.

The Rise of the Larder

The kitchen larder used to be a small room off of the kitchen that held dry goods and other supplies. When the pantry came around, the larder went away. Now, many homeowners are opting for a new type of larder that combines the idea of the pantry with the idea of a small room. Larger than a standard pantry, the larder of 2020 has enough space to house most dry and canned goods, and may even have a walk-in design or pull-out shelving to make it even more practical. This is a pantry on steroids, and the team at The Kitchen Master can help you make it a reality with our cabinet products.

Backsplashes Go Bigger

The backsplash isn’t a new design trend, but in 2020 you can expect to see counter-to-ceiling backsplashes in several areas of the kitchen. This lends color and character to the space. It can create a textured, tiled accent wall that makes your kitchen even more appealing. Pair it with the right cabinetry from The Kitchen Master for an impressive look.

The Addition of Stone

Stone is a popular design trend for 2020, and it’s extending beyond the countertop. Specifically, marble is one of the hottest design trends. Not only are we seeing marble on the countertops, but it’s also wrapping its way around the cabinets, covering the sides and backs, and is becoming a popular choice for backsplashes as well.

Ready to Get Started on Your 2020 Kitchen Design?

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