9 Trendy Kitchen Backsplashes for Your New Kitchen

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Backsplashes are no longer boring. In fact, they are more apt to become the focal points of today’s kitchen renovations. Use unusual materials, extend the treatment to adjacent walls or soar to new heights. Dramatic good looks add to function.

Be as creative as you wish and lift the look from ordinary to dramatic. Your kitchen remodel should reflect your personality, and it has never been easier!

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Here are 9 trends in kitchen backsplashes for you to consider in your new, dream kitchen:

1. Continue your countertop material up the wall for a minimal backsplash; then add pattern with vibrant wallpaper that enhances your overall kitchen color scheme and decor.

2. Mirror the splash! You’ll be surprised at the depth this adds to your kitchen, giving the illusion of a space that extends forever. Standard mirror is surprisingly cost effective and easy to install, but black mirror adds drama and antique mirror is unusual and distinctive. Easy cleanup is a great advantage.

3. Capture culinary favorites in an epoxy “frame.” Perhaps best suited for smaller areas like a coffee bar or baking center, you can encase anything from coffee beans to natural herbs in epoxy. Pages from an old recipe book would add a homey touch.

4. Use embossed tiles. Available in both Victorian patterns and contemporary designs, these tiles are as suitable for a backsplash as they are on the ceiling. Usually of aluminum, tin or copper, they are available in various finishes and sizes that make them easy to install.

5. Make a statement with tile. Use unusual shapes, create a pattern with color, commission a custom mural, mix natural stone, glossy ceramic and glass for a unique look. Suit yourself. A tile backsplash will never be out of style, and it is a durable choice.

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6. Penny tiles are back, and they are appropriate in many different settings. Think about bright metallic penny tiles, or give a nod to the past by installing matte finish neutral tiles with dark grout.
7. Paint the splash area (and adjacent wall, perhaps) with chalkboard paint; take your choice of black or another color to complement your decor. Then doodle to your heart’s content, keep your grocery list in plain sight or post the day’s recipes and dinner menu. It’s easy to erase it all, and the kids will love it!

8. Let nature in. Create a free-form backsplash with pebble tiles. Mimic a flowing creek bed, or a meandering garden path. The natural, outdoorsy look adds character and dimension to the kitchen.

9. Natural stone, quartzite sandstone and recycled wood backsplashes are new and trendy. The downside is the textured surface. As beautiful as these materials look, they call for some extra care and are probably not the best choice for cooking areas. Consider mixing textured stone accents with honed tiles or wood-look ceramics for the best of all worlds.

Remember that the purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to prevent splashes, food stains and wall damage. Today’s sealants are effective for most surfaces, but keep cleaning and ease of maintenance in mind as you choose backsplash materials.

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