Trends in Powder Room Design

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Powder room design trends are making a big statement in a small space. From old world to a hot industrial theme, the sky is the limit in transforming this often forgotten room. You can let your imagination run wild with the possible ways to design your powder room.

Impact Flooring

Designer floor tiles are in high demand and pack a powerful punch in effects. You can capture the essence of the room with a daring combination without worrying about whether or not it is too much. Old brick street pavers or hand scraped wood planks are just a couple of neat flooring ideas. How about the look of industrial steel plates that you can complement with wall or ceiling lights that look like explosion proof fixtures.

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Custom Vanities

Beautiful, unique vanities serve the main focal point in the room and not just a place for washing your hands. There are a number of designs that feature the floating look, or hand carved walnut furniture cabinets or just a few varnished barn boards under a steel washtub for that farm look.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Adding an arched alcove above the toilet or over the counter will create a unique design feature and assists in making the room feel a lot bigger than it really is. It also demonstrates your flair for making timeless architectural elements into new visions of beauty. Floating wall shelves and open vanity tables add interest and allow for art displays and attractive storage elements.


A great way to get your creative juices flowing is to hit the wallcovering store before you do anything else. Don’t be shy in picking wallpaper that will set the stage for adding the rest of the design elements. Contrasting and totally different wall colors and materials will add the pop the room may need.

Unique Sinks

Sinks and faucets can also be the focal point of the room, and there are a hundreds of variations that are available on the market that will make your powder room a very personal space. From metal vessel bowls, to decorative glass basins or rough cut stone blocks you can’t go wrong with the look and feel of a fabulous custom sink to add the final touch of your personality.

Integrative Spaces

Upgrade your space
These are many ways to upgrade your space while embracing your inner design dreams. The range of ideas that can be integrated into a powder room renovation is limitless.

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