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Are you wondering what direction your bathroom remodel should take?
The latest trend in bathroom design, which designers expect to continue well into 2017 and even beyond, is toward organic forms and materials. Think clay in all the natural, soothing colors of earth, from sandy loam to deep red, from muddy taupe to greenish grey. Bath and kitchen design is a dynamic field, but emerging trends point to a return to a natural orientation.

A Return to Basics

Forward-thinking designers embrace matte finishes rather than shine, and combine that touchable, smooth look with the glistening effects of dewy, mist-covered surfaces. Vanity sinks that allow water to trickle or stream across different levels represent a new direction, and the sound as well as the look of water is a design feature as well as a functional necessity in avant garde bathrooms.

Soothing tones and textures combine with dynamic shapes for fixtures and faucets, and we expect to see a return to more natural woods and stone in the bath. Rustic gives way to simple form and “honest” fabrication. Green design, in terms of energy savings and conservation, is a given in new baths, but green will play an increasingly important role, literally, with living walls, potted plants, new vanities that integrate growing space into the design, and enclosed gardens visible and accessible from the bath.

Metal finishes, too, reflect a return to older tones: Bronze, burnished brass and rubbed finishes are taking hold once again over polished chrome and bright enamels. It’s as if modern design has rediscovered the materials that ancient peoples found so appealing. It is at the same time a return to our roots and a giant step into the future.

The classy effect of new design is evident, but improved bath design is also focused on health aspects. Growing plants improve interior air quality; they also affect mood, and can even provide physical benefits, according to sociologists and psychologists.

Sleek and Classic

Bathrooms with classic features have long been popular for remodeling ideas:

  • White fixtures
  • Wood finishes
  • Historic materials
  • Lighting
  • Storage
  • Tile surfaces
  • Water colors

By embracing the time-tested formula with an eye to modern design, durability and appropriate layout, your remodel project is bound to be a hit, and should remain in style for many years to come.

Embrace Natural Forms and Colors

As we mentioned above, the latest trends look to the earth for inspiration, and the forms and colors are not contrived, but are derived from the natural environment. That doesn’t spell dull at all. Instead, the smooth contours and pleasing shapes recall early forms of water vessels and catchment basins. In combination with modern function, it just doesn’t get much more appealing!

The Clean Look of White

There’s a reason we all keep returning to the clean, fresh appeal of white for the necessities in the bath — toilets, tubs and sink basins in white always look fresh, clean and attractive. Plus, they can be combined with any other color, metal, or wood as trends come and go.

Classic Wood

Stained wood vanities lend a sort of permanence to the bath. So do freestanding armoires for storage. Dark finishes look great with white fixtures and tile, and painted finishes recreate the charm of yesteryear. Modern cabinetry in exotic woods and rustic themes also are popular and effective. The trend toward furniture-quality vanities and storage units is strong, but so is a Euro-tech modern direction. Choose what appeals to you.

Historic Materials

The use of marble for countertops is very European in character, particularly the white and grey tones of Carrara, or the natural hues of sandstone or pale gold. The luster of natural stone only increases with age and use. Stone flooring is also timeless and it evokes a sense of luxury and quality. It is cool in summer and can be warm in winter with the addition of in-floor heating coils— something to consider for your remodel project.

Standout Tile

Tile, in all its iterations — classic subway tile, mosaic patterns, new metallic accent tiles, watery-look glass tile is not just a supporting design accent but oftentimes a focal point. It’s where you can give your imagination and your creativity free reign. Consider tiling an entire wall or create a mosaic design as a focal point or install a tile floor with a border pattern, a throwback to Victorian bathrooms. Be creative—it’s your unique space!

Shed Light on It

Fill your bathroom with light. Add skylights, install windows, make certain that task lighting is sufficient. Keep it functional, or add a glamorous touch with a chandelier. If you want to enjoy a soothing soak in the tub, add a dimmer.

Store It in Style

Provide for towel storage and a way to keep grooming supplies off the countertop. Built-in alcoves are new and old at the same time, but freestanding cabinets, benches with drawers and strategically placed baskets are also trending. The goal is to eliminate clutter and add order to the space.

Keep Your Options Open

Keep basic finishes classic and add color with your choice of accessories. Pale, natural, watery colors are timeless; tones of sun, sand, sea and sky are popular today. But, if you prefer bold and bright, go ahead and add zest with towels, curtains and art. They’re easily changeable.

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