Samsung: A Marriage of Convenience and Technology for 2016 Kitchen Remodeling

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Samsung’s new model combines food storage with family scheduling for a sleek new interpretation of heart of the home efficiency. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s the latest innovation by the folks who bring us phones and televisions, and it’s designed for a starring role as command center of the household. A part of the company’s new Chef Collection of appliances, it’s targeted to consumers who want to indulge their inner gourmet. If you’re considering a kitchen remodeling project in 2016, Samsung appliances may be the perfect choice.

Samsung Smart Hub
Photo courtesy of Samsung.

Technology: Where Will It Lead?

The new line of products may not help you choose your food, but they will help you keep it fresh, prepare it well and clean up efficiently. Samsung has consistently been a leader in the realm of futuristic, time-saving and common-sense appliances with features that appeal to American homeowners. So it may not be a surprise that the company is rolling out computer-screen capability for a Family Hub Refrigerator, complete with Wi-Fi.

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It even features a camera for remote interior viewing. See food stocks without opening the door, complete your shopping list on the screen, and then check the weather report before you head out to the supermarket to restock. If your market allows it, you can even place your order without ever moving away from the refrigerator door. You can also leave a message for the kids, reminding them to let the dog out and finish their homework. Stream the evening news as you prepare dinner or play your favorite music while browsing digital recipes.

black stainless steel samsung smart bub refrigerator with the kitchen master renovations

Zone Out with the Full Line-Up

Samsung is justifiably proud of its new Chef Collection of appliances, from dishwashers to ranges and microwaves. But it’s the refrigerators that really introduce new variety and convenience. It’s all about zones, and personalizing function to meet individual needs. In addition to new technology, the company focuses on function and good looks. Enhanced thermal construction helps maintain consistent cooling. Some new models have digital temperature-monitoring capabilities and allow you to adjust settings.

The “have it your way” menu of available options might sound complicated, but Samsung stands ready to offer complimentary in-home training with select purchases! The refrigerator/freezer line-up includes single door, side-by-side, top-bottom configurations, newer 3 or 4-door models and counter-depth options, in addition to some of the largest capacity refrigerators on the market. Many are available in traditional black or white, as well as three separate stainless steel finishes.

Showcase your food stocks with see-through doors (if you dare!) or meet entertaining needs with a convertible cooling section that can transform itself from cool to subzero at your command. Store frequently used items like milk, juice and apples in a separate, up-front compartment; eliminate buried food forever with two separate freezer drawers.

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