Rustic Kitchens: Rooted in Tradition with a Modern Twist

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Do you dream of having a rustic kitchen that evokes the outdoors and offers comfort in a space filled with modern convenience? It’s possible, with just a bit of planning and forethought.

Just What Constitutes Rustic?

Rustic, in modern terms, doesn’t have to equate to a cabin in the woods, but reclaimed timbers, distressed wood cabinets, simple tables, chairs and accessories certainly can enhance the look of a comfortable, traditional space. Rustic can be applied to a whole spectrum of influences, from natural materials and weathered finishes to window herb gardens and well-used copper pots hanging from a rack. Add plaid fabrics, mountain-cozy colors, or be influenced by handcrafted accessories.the kitchen master guide to popular kitchen layouts cover photo download
Rustic is often artisanal or homemade, but there’s little reason to give up modern function. There isn’t one way to do rustic right. There are, however, a million ways to incorporate rustic influences into your kitchen to create comfort and give a nod to a tradition that is based in personal preference.
Add warmth with antique cabinets

Gaining Inspiration

The ease with which you can develop a rustic scheme for your kitchen depends, in part, on your ability to mix and match, to select what makes you happy from all that is available. Want wood floors in your kitchen? Okay, go for it! Prefer the warmth of slightly imperfect tile over the smooth perfection of granite? Why not tile at least a portion of your kitchen to add character and depth? Love to bake? Incorporate a slab of well-worn marble to ease rolling out dough, or find an antique cabinet to house your supplies. Install an oversize window in your kitchen — or a fireplace for visual appeal as well as real warmth.

Interchangeable Elements

While rustic can lead you to the choice of reclaimed ceiling beams and knotty alder cabinets, it can also point in the direction of simplicity and minimal adornment, calming colors, painted finishes (they don’t have to be peeling) and open storage. You don’t have to subscribe to the everything matches philosophy. Be adventurous; mix rather than match, especially when it comes to metals and wood finishes.

Rustic style, at its best, is personal and a bit quirky. Find inspiration for a rustic kitchen from the things you love, whether it’s going fishing or baking cookies.

If It Makes You Smile, Keep It

Vintage finds are perfect for instilling rustic character into a modern kitchen: hanging metal-shade light fixtures, a zinc-topped work table, a corner banquette from an old diner, or antique flower pots and vases. Consider the practicality of multi-purpose pieces. Tuck an antique drop-leaf desk/bookcase into a corner to be used for cookbooks and as a planning center.

Organize your spices, frequently used flatware and kitchen linens in baskets or wooden boxes in open view. Add two comfortable chairs and a small table so that you can enjoy your morning coffee or an afternoon cup of tea; it’s even better if you have a small fireplace in the kitchen. The heart of rustic is in its comfort.

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