New Sink Designs Offer Almost Unlimited Choice

The Kitchen Master | July 27, 2016

“Everything old becomes new again.”

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

You’ve no doubt heard those two phrases more times than you care to remember. What’s interesting today, at least in terms of new kitchen sink designs, is that what’s new is really interesting and may never have been seen before.

Take, for instance, the trendy sinks that Kohler has introduced: One of them is a freestanding model of heat-resistant, enameled cast iron that functions as a kitchen island with a stainless steel rack for a base. The shallow trough at its working center is surrounded by a flat surface and it certainly isn’t meant for washing pots and pans. In fact, it’s as much a piece of sculpture as it is a prep sink, and it has the kind of undeniable visual appeal that will, undoubtedly, appeal to the style-setters of the kitchen design scene.

Sink Trends for 2016 and Beyond

square modern sink

A few years ago, the most popular sink trends were apron front models that looked back in time to capture a keeping room or “Grandma’s kitchen” kind of appeal. They are still offered today, both in white and with color or embossed options, but the latest twist is apron sinks in hammered metal finishes or fabricated of trendy, exotic materials. Consider a copper apron sink if you have a transitional kitchen with some rustic touches, or opt for a totally green model made of bamboo to highlight your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Farmhouse sinks are seeing a resurgence in modern kitchens, but again they tend to have modern lines and can even be fully integrated with solid surface counter materials, making cleanup a breeze and virtually eliminating any problems caused by splashing. Some fabricators offer a sloping “drain board” on one or both sides of the sink basin. Other manufacturers present updated versions of the huge 4 to 6 foot sink with drain board that was so serviceable for generations of European and American cooks. They are even being shown in outdoor kitchens today, and they are marvelous for filling with ice and using as beverage chillers for backyard barbecues.

Undermount kitchen sinks show no signs of diminished popularity. Today, you can find large and small models in various metals (including still-popular stainless steel) as well as alternative materials like colorful composite, quartzite, natural stone including slate and bluestone, and the still classic and popular enameled cast iron.

Sink trends are so varied, in terms of style, shape, color and design that selecting the “right” sink for your kitchen remodel has less to do with your kitchen decor than it has to do with your personal preference. If you want to mix and match sink styles in the same kitchen, that is also appropriate. In some ways, that concept has become a trend of its own. It can be a great way to call attention to a bar sink, or to designate an auxiliary prep or cleanup sink.

There are a variety of specialty sinks on the scene, as well as accessories that turn today’s sinks into cutting boards, cocktail serving stations or large pot-filling and cleaning centers. There are deep bowls, shallow bowls and sloping trench or trough sinks, and there are single bowls and multiple bowls. Never have your options been greater.

So, while there may be nothing new, there has never before been as much variety — and it’s all yours for the picking.

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