How to Mix Kitchen Design Styles

The Kitchen Master | July 17, 2017

Just as home decor is more interesting when owners choose to add a treasured family antique to a contemporary living room, hang a piece of modern art in a traditional dining room, or balance sleek chrome and leather chairs with a rustic reclaimed French farmhouse table, a kitchen with a mix of styles is a hot trend.

Here are ways to mix kitchen designs for a unique and exciting one-of-a-kind look.

Make It Personal; Make It Yours

Farmhouse sinks are all the rage today, but they are equally stylish in a retro 50s kitchen with a kitschy flavor, in a traditional space with fine wood cabinets or in stainless versions for a serious look with a high-tech European vibe. The rules have changed: Now it is perfectly acceptable, and even desirable, to combine all those elements you love with aplomb.

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New Directions

Sustainability and eco-consciousness are high on the list of desirables for today’s kitchens. Look for natural and recycled materials, energy-saving appliances, water-saving faucets, efficient vent fans and integrated electrical systems. “Layer” the lighting to enhance the quality of overall light. Hang a single attention-getting chandelier for ambience or drop an artistic pendant over the sink. Just don’t forget all those smart-technology features that make life easier.

Make a Statement

Approach your kitchen renovation logically, by analyzing your habits and the way your family lives. Collect ideas from magazines, showrooms, television shows and online resources. Prioritize your needs. Consider your cabinet options first; they constitute a major budget item as well as having great visual impact. Then move on to countertops, backsplash, flooring, lighting, color scheme, window treatments and accessories. Even your choice of hardware is important to the overall decor. Just remember that it all doesn’t have to match! Go ahead and order one red upper cabinet. Or bring in an antique farm table to use as an island. Our designers can help keep you focused and prevent that “overwhelmed” feeling of paralysis.

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Even though stainless steel hasn’t lost all its luster, there are many other finishes on the scene today. It’s trendy, and practical to buy large appliances for their unique features and not as a set.  “Hide” undercounter appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerator drawers and trash compactor. Look for fully integrated models and add panels that match your cabinets for a seamless look. Then pick a pro-style range with a colorful enamel finish and place a stand-alone freezer and refrigerator tower in an adjacent pantry. Open your remodeled kitchen naturally, and beautifully, to the living area.

If your eager to embark on a kitchen redo, why not visit with one of our certified kitchen designers at our showroom in Naperville. We’re savvy about trends and possibilities and can help you develop a plan that will have your friends and neighbors applauding your eclectic ideas. Submit a consultation request now.

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