Look Ahead to the Past for Stylish Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The Kitchen Master | August 18, 2015

To achieve the most interesting new style for your home’s bathroom remodel, look backward in time — to ancient civilizations as well as not-so-distant decades — for inspiration. Then, mix and match, injecting your new space with a lot of your own personality. Our certified designers keep tabs on emerging trends, and will help you seamlessly tie in your bathroom remodel to your existing home in the West suburbs. Here are some stylish, timeless suggestions:

Freestanding Tubs

Modern style freestanding tubs

Yes, it’s true — claw feet, exposed water lines and all. They’re back and they’re trendy. However, newer molded models (without the feet) are making waves as well. They’re the latest in European good looks. They give a nod to the sculptural forms of Roman baths, and if you add marble and other opulent accessories, you may almost believe the servants will come bearing rose petals and wine! Other more modern looking freestanding tubs have very sleek lines and are made of acrylic or even solid surface stone.

Decorative Tile and Grout

Add tiles of various materials, shape and sizes

Mosaic tiles, hexagonal and Arabesque shapes that remind us of exotic places and long ago times, and geometric patterns on both walls and floors are all the rage. Art deco-inspired tiles with raised motifs or textured, metallic surfaces; tiles made from or made to look like natural stones and gems; diamonds, dots, and patterns are all popular.

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Setting patterns have evolved as well: checkerboard, herringbone, basket weave and windmill patterns are great choices for bathroom floors.

Grout is newly important as a design element. Dark grout used with lighter tiles is a good option; striking contrast is a fashion-forward trend. Even contemporary, zen-like spaces benefit from a tile focal point.

Larger Showers

Larger showers are the norm for newer homes, but even you have limited space for your redo, clear glass doors add to the illusion of expanding the space. Even on standard-size tub-shower combos a glass panel controls the spray, eliminating the need for a shower curtain.

It’s not necessary to overdo the water-sprays, but rain-head fixtures and hand-held, adjustable, massaging showers are not about to disappear from the scene. Even in secondary bathrooms, separate showers and tubs are gaining favor, especially if two or more people share space. Soaking tubs are a bathroom luxury item.

Sustainable (or Rustic) Materials

Recycled wood and natural stone accents

Recycled wood and natural stone accents, growing plants and accents from nature are in fashion, in a big way. Recycled beams and rough-hewn cabinets are earthy and comforting. Pebbled tile on shower floors is good for the soles! A hewn stone shower wall gives the impression of bathing in nature.

These materials have supplanted, but not eliminated, sleek, shiny glass and polished surfaces. But, if you opt for rustic, look to upkeep needs so you won’t be disappointed by care requirements.

Retro Colors

No, pink, black and turquoise have not returned. But, sea foam green and subtle gold are back, as is. While these colors were common in the past, many homeowners shifted in favor of white or subtle natural tones. Although neutral tones will continue to be popular, some homeowners may want to add a pop of color.

Our bath design experts can show you the newest materials and work with you to achieve the perfect balance in your design. The Kitchen Master will help with all your design and installation needs. Visit our Naperville showroom or call to schedule an appointment.

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