The Latest Kitchen Remodeling Trends with Miele Appliances

The Kitchen Master

New kitchen trends focus on even more style, cooking ease and high-tech capabilities than ever before, changing the status of the kitchen from work place to glamorous gathering space. Some of the new model appliances from Miele are so good looking that you’ll want to locate them where everyone can see — and use — them whenever the mood strikes. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation project, you will want to include some of these luxurious fixtures.

New on the Scene: Coffee Stations

Remodeling your kitchen gives you the opportunity to build in a personal beverage station that rivals any specialty coffee shop. The showstopper models available from Miele include whole bean coffee makers that can be directly plumbed to a water source and integrated seamlessly into cabinetry. Not only are these coffee makers sleek and efficient, offering you delectable gourmet-style hot drinks any time you please, but they are featured in bold colors that include Obsidian Black, Brilliant White, and Truffle Brown to match your overall kitchen aesthetic.

If you like coffee, just imagine the fun of being able to prepare your own lattes at the touch of a button. Personalize your temperature settings, select the grind, set the controls to dispense exactly the amount of espresso or milk that you want, and prepare a single cup, or two at a time. If you’d prefer a countertop model, or would appreciate the coffee maker convenience in your home theater or game room, choose a model with a portable water tank.

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Cooking with Steam in Your Oven

There’s a lot that’s new on the oven scene, and cooking with steam is just one of the options. But, what an option it is! The principle of steam cooking is to preserve the color, consistency and flavor of foods, while cooking it quickly and effortlessly in an oven that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Because gentle steam circulates from all sides, the process is recommended for vegetables, fish and grains, but is also suitable for heartier meat and potato dishes.

Nutritionists confirm that cooking with steam, rather than immersing foods in water, helps retain beneficial vitamins and minerals and enhances flavor. Specialty programming options allow you to cook an entire meal in a single oven, by sequencing the way you add different foods. Called “Menu Cooking,” it’s a unique Miele option, and the new ovens also come with a Master Chef program that automatically calculates time and temperatures settings. Become a kitchen master almost overnight with this incredible new oven.

We are impressed with the new line from Miele not only because of the potential for good food, but also because of the way appliances are designed and integrated to make your kitchen attractive. Two design lines are available across all appliance models: PureLine and ContourLine. The decor choice is up to you, and either one will add high artistry to your kitchen.

Visit our convenient Naperville showroom for ideas on the latest technology and appliances available to give your kitchen a gourmet, yet functional appeal when you remodel. One of our talented kitchen designers will be happy to help you select perfect new appliances, including Miele appliances, for your family’s home renovation needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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