Kitchen Sinks: Trendy Can Be Functional

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Kitchen sinks are a necessity, but modern homeowners don’t have to subscribe to a one-size-does-all philosophy when it comes to the workhorse of the kitchen. Today, there are sinks in all styles, including bar, prep, clean up models, apron front styles, and sinks made of exotic materials. There is a staggering array, and all can be at home in a hard-working, stylish home kitchen.
Apron-front models have been popular for a few years now, and new styles are introduced each year by major manufacturers. They provide a tie to the past — the welcoming look of “Grandma’s Kitchen” and they are appropriate for traditional and transitional kitchens. Done in stainless, however, they also look at home in trendy modern kitchens. Perhaps the newest looks are trough sinks that can be sinuously curved, long and skinny, or custom shaped of countertop material.

Work Station Design

Because family kitchens perform so many functions these days, designers find it appropriate to separate large kitchens into separate work areas — prep counters can have a sink and under counter refrigerator designed to facilitate salad making while a snack area might incorporate both and also add an appliance garage to hold a toaster, blender or coffee maker.

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The Two-Cook Kitchen

A large family kitchen benefits from two sinks purely for the logistics of preparing large meals, allowing multiple functions at the same time with equal access to water and clean-up needs. The standard double-bowl sink that has been a kitchen staple has morphed into a variety of sizes that sometimes include a third compartment for a disposer, or a large-side-small-side configuration with the inclusion of drain racks and removable cutting boards. Popular also is a single-bowl large sink in tandem with a separated smaller sink, separated by as much counter space as desired.

Island Convenience

Island sinks can be decorative

Kitchens that are large enough to have center islands commonly include a sink if the plumbing is available. Another source of water can be a boon for entertaining, for serving and for food preparation. It also eliminates unnecessary steps, and keeps kitchen visitors out of the main traffic pattern. Island sinks are often decorative, small in size and may be made of copper, brass, or embellished or painted porcelain. Some kitchens boast three or more sinks. With the addition of an “instant hot” water dispenser, a small sink can be highly convenient.

Commercial Comes Home

The look of gleaming stainless surfaces with large faucets and sprayers has appeal for anyone who has fantasies of becoming the next notable television chef. We don’t see too many of these installations in home settings, but the popularity of outdoor kitchens has broadened the appeal of sinks designed for big, dirty jobs. It’s a trend we see no signs of disappearing.

Design Basics

The professional designers at The Kitchen Master can help you crystallize your ideas for the kitchen of your dreams. Why not browse our online gallery for ideas, visit our Naperville showroom to see actual installations, and schedule an initial consultation so that we have an idea of your needs and preferences. Then, we’ll do our best to find the latest and best sinks on the market today.
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