Kitchen and Bath Trends Offer a ‘Garden of Delights’

The Kitchen Master | October 17, 2016

Walking through the landscape of kitchen and bath design trends today is like following a winding path through a garden, with many wonderful options to tempt you.

Feel free to pick from what appeals to you — and you alone:


Color preferences are personal. That’s why some people have closets filled with red, while others tend toward subdued neutrals. Today, there are no wrong choices and almost everyone — from design professionals to young children — rejects the notion that there are “right and wrong” color choices based on room setting, gender, decor or specific uses. Popular colors come and go, and you don’t ever have to feel out of step if you choose dusky gold over kiwi green. It’s all about what pleases you and works in your setting.



What’s true for color also rings true for pattern. Don’t be locked into a fruit motif for the kitchen; say goodbye to country cuteness and western kitsch! But go ahead and use mid-50’s bark prints if that’s what you love. Feel free to install exotic animal prints in your master bathroom if the understated spa look leaves you cold. Pick a garden floral if you like, go linear with graphics, or choose colorful mosaic tile. It’s all about personal choice; choose a decor direction that speaks to you.

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White is always popular, and white on white is more appealing that ever. It’s fresh and, oh so versatile, whether you mix your white with bright, or create a layered mix that ranges from chalk to buttermilk. Add texture to keep the mix interesting, but mix it up any way you please. Whether your design preferences are as traditional as a piece of Belgian lace or as linear as modern sculpture, exercise your freedom to create a kitchen or bath that is your own work of art.

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It has been said that “black is the new white” in kitchen design. Think about the lasting appeal of that “little black dress” and formal tuxedos. If you want to be daring, think “Noir” and add a bit of intrigue along with a lot of glamour to your kitchen by not holding back. Paint or stain your cabinets the color of midnight and top them with shiny black granite. Add in black or darkened stainless appliances and keep wall color dark and stormy for a totally dramatic look. If you’re not that bold, take it easy and use black as an accent. It even works for a totally 21st Century bathroom! Black and white is classic and trendy all at the same time.



Garden fresh and as appealing as a newborn, shades of pale convey a sense of calm, hope, promise and great expectation. New, “whiter shades of pale” are the perfect, subtle backdrop for delicious foods, and lend an aura of peace and calm in a bath. Mix your pales with soft textures and burnished metals for an upscale look that will confirm your impeccable personal style.



Tones that evoke images of dusk, storm clouds, muddy rivers, blowing sand, wet clay, rainy forests and old brass can be warming and comforting. They are also newly popular for kitchen and bath decor. These are the colors of earth and nature, and they exhibit a depth of character that brighter tones just don’t have. These spicy, exotic, “flavorful” tones can add instant appeal to any kitchen or bath remodel project.


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