How to Remodel a Larger Bathroom

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Whether you are working with a larger space to start or need to get more room for your master bathroom, it can be a challenge to approach a remodeling project. Having a large space for a bathroom can be just as problematic as being faced with too little space for all the amenities you envision. As counterintuitive as it may seem, large spaces can seem cold and unfriendly. There are many ways to personalize a bathroom that seems big enough to accommodate the team. The solution lies in the details.

Standout bathroom

Celebrate your Good Fortune

As you plan your remodel, realize that it’s not the amount of space you have, but how spacious you make it seem that results in a standout bathroom. This is especially true if the remodeling project will lead you to adjust the square footage of other rooms in the house.

With abundant space, create separate zones; install a water closet and create wet and dry zones, especially if two or more people will share the room. Compartmentalize areas for bathing, showering, grooming, relaxing, and privacy. It works as well for a master bath retreat as for a bath shared by children of different ages. Enhance function by segregating toilet and bathing areas in guest baths. Add art, decorative elements, and natural light.

Make Two from One

Although dual vanities are popular, there is no reason they have to be side by side in a single vanity counter. Explore the possibility of placing separate cabinets on opposite walls or create the illusion of two individual space by locating sinks back to back at a storage-filled island vanity.

the kitchen master bathroom remodel open shower two shower heads

Oversize the Shower

Install a shower made for two by adding a rain head as well as a wall of adjustable body sprays. Include a bench long enough to stretch out on and install a steamer unit; you’ll have an at-home spa for fitness and pampering.

Other possibilities:

  • Mount a television on a wall and have headphones available for music and motivational messages;
  • Add sliding door access to a hot tub or pool;
  • For a really over-the-top bathroom retreat, add a fireplace and comfortable seating, making it a lounge, with the specific amenities that make you happy;
  • Return to customs of the past by adding closets adjacent to the master bathroom. With full length mirrors and good lighting, a fainting couch or comfortable chair and ottoman, you will have the modern day equivalent of a posh lady’s boudoir or gentleman’s dressing room.

At The Kitchen Master, we can solve the problems of too much or too little space. Why not tell us what you have in mind, and let’s work together to find the perfect solution.

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