Is Grey the New Black for Kitchen Designs?

The Kitchen Master | May 29, 2017

We don’t believe that the “little black dress” or the string of pearls will ever disappear from stylish women’s wardrobes. Nor would we ever suggest that stainless steel and black granite (or black appliances) are going to disappear from modern kitchens. But we do acknowledge a new trend.

Grey — from barely there cloudy pale to dark and stormy charcoal — is still surging. Along with popular grey are exciting new metallic finishes that include black stainless, gunmetal, burnished bronze and patinated copper, brushed nickel, tarnished silver and rose gold. You’ll be seeing them on everything from cabinet pulls to kitchen faucets, on appliances both small and large, and on great light fixtures. It’s a new dawn in kitchen style; shine has given way to honed finishes and matte surfaces for counters and flooring as well, and the magic is in the variety of combinations.

Matching is out, and the mix is stunning! Just as a side note, that “string of pearls,” at least in trendy kitchens, has been reinvented to include clear crystals. You’ll be seeing them on everything from knobs to funky lighting, in combination with both sleek modern metals and hand-forged designs.

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How to Live With — and Love — Grey

Grey is more than a lighter shade of black, and it can be just as dramatic. Think of the grey and white swirling patterns and beauty of Carrara marble; that’s the kind of charm exhibited by old French kitchens. Grey can be rustic, as in weathered wood and pewter, or sophisticated and dramatic. Pair grey with any number of other colors: Lemon yellow, turquoise, bright purple or chocolate brown; or aim fora subtle, soothing atmosphere by adding deep blue, dusky pink or rich orange-red, the colors of a mountain sunset.

Another design option is more natural and a perfect choice for a minimalistic kitchen. Grey, beige, straw and cream are a perennially popular color scheme for a kitchen that is homey but stylishly contemporary at the same time. Accessorize with antique silver, and display black and white or sepia toned photographs of beautiful places, and you’ll achieve a charming and personalized ambience.

Go another direction with the same basic color scheme: Display beautiful handmade stoneware on open shelves and play up tradition by grouping kitchen utensils in old crocks on the countertop. Add a little color with an armoire full of colorful old cookbooks and accessorize with a bowl of wooden fruit.

Living with an Open Plan

As kitchens become even more integrated with living spaces, grey is a natural choice. Today’s greys are full of character, and blend as beautifully with wood tones and natural materials as with slick finishes and sleek lines. Pick a beige-toned “greige” to warm up a northern exposure, or choose cool lavender-tinged grey to balance the brightness of a sunny room.

Color affects everyone differently, but with the vast array of greys available today, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to suit your space and your family. If you need help, professional advice from the consultants at The Kitchen Master are just a phone call away. Visit our showroom in Naperville and we’ll help you to rev up your kitchen redo.

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