Floor It: Best Choices for Your Home’s Bathroom

The Kitchen Master | December 19, 2016

Today, bathroom flooring is not limited to a choice between ceramic tile or linoleum. Seamless vinyl is still popular, cost-effective and functional. Porcelain or ceramic tile are classic choices, and the look can vary from Victorian to Euro-tech. But you are by no means limited to one or the other. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, resolve to be true to the style you love, and select flooring that will reinforce that theme. Your choices have never been greater!

A New Era of Bathroom Style

Gone are the days when a bathroom was a strictly utilitarian space where individuals spent as little time as possible. Today’s master bath can be a luxurious personal retreat; family bathrooms hold up well to constant use and manage to be stylish at the same time, and guest baths and powder rooms can be models of trendy decor.

If you love the look of natural wood and would like to carry the look of the woods into your bathroom, go ahead. You can choose from reclaimed timbers made into plank flooring, traditional hardwood flooring with a water-resistant finish, modern laminates, even sustainable bamboo or sound-absorbing cork. Teak has served generations of sailors well as boat decks and is a fine choice for splash-prone areas.

As a brand new alterative, pick a porcelain tile that mimics wood grain. To cement your reputation as a style-setter, design a pattern that looks like wood sections inlaid with solid tile or tiny mosaics.

It’s All About Impact and Design

Another reason to follow your personal preferences is that bath spaces are normally relatively small and they are private. Please only yourself, and don’t be concerned if your bathroom decor veers away from the decor of your public spaces.

Pick natural stone to reinforce a natural theme. Introduce a modern vibe with the look of stained or painted concrete. Hundreds of porcelain tile designs are made to look like concrete or other natural stones. It will bring a modern vibe to a hard-working space, and it’s easy to add another type of floor covering if you tire of the “raw” look. Chances are you won’t! Newer commercial-grade carpet squares are also wonderfully practical and, if you have infants and toddlers in your household, might offer the perfect solution. The realm of sensible, easy-care materials has never been greater, so don’t shy away from unusual options.

Don’t Stop with One

Mix materials. Consider using inset medallions of glass or metal to accent larger areas of ceramic tile. Mix polished and tumbled marble and glass mosaics for unusual effect; just be aware that some materials can be slippery when wet. Alternate honed and polished stone surfaces, or highlight smooth squares of travertine with the irregular surface of slate. Carry similar materials throughout the bath for counters and tub surrounds or let the floor stand completely on its own. Throw away the rules and build an environment that you love.

Search design sources for unusual contemporary ideas, or browse through historic home books to view even more possibilities. With modern materials and techniques, you can give your imagination free rein without breaking your budget. The traditional budget-friendly flooring option is seamless vinyl and, with myriad styles, patterns and qualities available on the market, it constitutes smart value and lasting good looks for hard-working bath spaces.

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