Embracing New Trends for Bathroom Remodeling

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Are you interested in being on the leading edge of the style curve? The newest trends in bathroom design include some tile uses that you may not have considered, but they can bring a natural aesthetic to your bath and reinforce your commitment to sustainable living in a distinctive way. Interested?

The options are not quite endless, but there are a myriad of choices. The Kitchen Master’s designers will be pleased to walk with you through the field of possibilities and lead you to suitable alternatives for your personal project—a bath or a kitchen, even a family den.

Reclaim, Reuse and Recycle

Numerous products take their cue from the environment and either utilize or mimic natural materials. Recycled and reused materials, repurposed furniture and accessories, and sustainable resources constitute strong bathroom remodeling trends. Other popular directions include using familiar items in unfamiliar ways, “borrowed’ cross-cultural influences, neutral colors and natural patterns.

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Wood is popular once more. Simulated wood is even better in the bathroom. You’ll find easy-care floor tiles that mimic rustic wood flooring; you might also find a vanity crafted from a gnarled limb or recycled from a damaged buffet.

Fresh and Unexpected Pairings

  • Mix rustic with smooth
  • Balance shine with matte finishes, subtle with bold
  • Introduce calm through a “dark and stormy” color scheme
  • Lighten stress with favorite hues: sand and sea or sea and sky variations
  • Add drama with nature: Consider a blazing sunset for a powder room
  • Add sparkle and sophistication with glass, metal or polished stone
  • Pull from your travels for inspiration: Collect textiles, sea glass or trading beads
  • Add ancient touches and space age technology

The World Comes Home

Whether it’s the natural world and its abundant wonders, or the man-made world of architecture, travel and cultural diversity, shapes, and textures tend to add dimension in any setting. A wall of recycled wood blocks will provide a backdrop that can carry a rustic tone, resemble a childhood play yard, or add a sophisticated surprise when paired with smooth marble. Polished concrete floors will speak with new authority when you pair them with a thick glass vanity counter and forged metal sinks.

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Texture and touchable form create good design. Molded tiles and hand-forged hardware can be classic as well as rustic, reminiscent of ancient ruins or representative of futuristic art. Pebble flooring in a shower will speak volumes about your style and offer you a daily foot massage as well. Etching a natural design or petroglyph patterns into a shower door is a wonderful way to express your interests. An emerging bathroom tile trend elevates it to the level of art in its own right. Explore the world of artistic tile as interpreted by individual artists.

Make a Statement

Do you hope to make a statement with your planned bathroom remodel? The Kitchen Master team would love to help you write that statement.

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