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A bathroom remodel can breathe new life into your bathroom space, but it can also be an investment of both time and money. If you want to design a bathroom that will stand the test of time so you can avoid tackling the job again in a few years, then you need to focus on classic, timeless elements. The Kitchen Master specializes in timeless, elegant designs. Here’s what we recommend for a timeless bathroom.

1. The Right Colors

First, you will need to choose your colors carefully. The only truly timeless color for a bathroom is white. After all, your toilet, tub, and sink are probably already white, so it’s clearly timeless. Of course, white on its own can be a little boring, so consider complementing it with a neutral color palette of creams and beige tones, topped with a few tones of your favorite hue to add character. When you choose white for the walls, you can accent with decorative items that are easier to swap out when it’s time for a change.

2. Choose Classic Materials

There are many different materials for surrounds and countertops in your bathroom, but if you want it to be timeless, go with the classics. Marble, stone, and ceramic are all excellent options. These are considered luxurious additions, and they stand the test of time. After all, nothing says luxury quite like a marble shower, and that hasn’t changed for decades. Re-create it at home. Don’t be afraid to add some wood, which rarely goes out of style, to accent all of that stone.

3. Add Lighting Strategically

You have to have lighting in a bathroom, but make sure you’re careful about this addition. If you have the room, consider a chandelier on the ceiling. This can add a touch of elegance to the space and avoids the trap of buying an outdated light fixture.

In addition, make sure the bathroom has some wall light, especially around the vanity. You want to properly light your face when you’re getting ready for the day. Keep this lighting simple so it adds function without detracting from your overall design goals.

4. Choose Timeless Flooring

Finally, select your flooring carefully. Bathroom flooring needs to be able to withstand constant exposure to water. It also needs to add to the design, not detract from it. Tile and wood floors are both good choices, but make sure the wood floors are installed and treated appropriately to withstand water damage.

5. Add Simple Decor

In the bathroom, keep the decor as understated as possible. Use natural materials and classical shapes when adding decor, and don’t forget some plush fabrics. Choose neutral color tones to keep the look timeless and classic.

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