Bathroom Tile Trends: Remodeling with Focus on Your Style

The Kitchen Master | March 28, 2016

Tile can be subtle or make a big statement in a bathroom remodeling project. Depending on your personal style, you can create harmony, balance, incorporate a pop of brightness, or imbue a sense of serenity or simplicity.

Smooth, subtle tile, understated yet full of detail, is the perfect bath choice to help you achieve that sense of peace. Modern tile is also easy to keep clean and sparkling, available in almost limitless colors and styles, and extremely durable. It adds to a sense of space, but also creates a stylish and comforting shell for the bath. In 2016, bath seek to create a rejuvenating space.

The Changing Trend

kitchen renovation close up of marble vanity chrome finished soap and lotion dispenser

Bathroom space planning and decor have undergone a style evolution. Today the bath fixtures are apt to be center stage, while the supporting players, including walls and floors, recede into the background. Decor trends are moving toward natural and functional, understated, but with a definite appreciation for dramatic effect. However, accent tiles and other decorative elements add a unique flair to your space, which can make your bathroom renovation even better than you imagined.

The path leads to:

  • A focus on form and beauty, with a style-setting tub, artistic vanity bowls or custom vanity cabinets, and dramatic lighting. It’s a very studied and sophisticated look, one you’ll not likely tire of.
  • A renewed emphasis on natural materials.
  • The return of full tiled walls, but with a twist: Textured tiles, unique installations, unusual patterns, and color gradations.
  • Floors with an element of surprise: Wood-patterned tiles, mosaic medallions, a nod to imperfect nature with natural stone tiles, or with actual textured river rock. Time spent in such space can be as uplifting as a walk through the forest or a day at the beach.

The Bath as Restorative Space

modern white bathtub

Our creative designers will be happy to work with you to create your own personalized space in your Chicago home. Start a notebook of ideas that appeal to you, including the tile patterns and colors that speak to you. Explore online design resources to study new materials and installation recommendations.

Apply the same principles in small baths and children’s bathrooms. Remember that white and pale tones are, hands down, today’s most popular color choices. Be very modern with softer, subdued, barely-there tints of sun, sand, sea and sky. It’s a natural way to achieve the newest look in bathroom design.

We would love to show you around our Naperville showroom and help bring your ideas to life. Why not call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified design professionals? We love helping area homeowners create personalized bathrooms and kitchens.

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