8 Bathroom Renovation Design Trends for 2015

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New remodeling trends are constantly emerging, especially for bathrooms. At The Kitchen Master, we’re committed to staying up-to-date on the latest design ideas to provide our clients with the most innovative and stylish renovations. Here, we’ve outlined eight of the top trends you can incorporate into your own bathroom renovation project.


Soaking Tubs

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ll want to have some space to relax—and a soaking tub is the perfect space to unwind after a long day. If you seldom use that big tiled-in whirlpool tub or have a small cramped tub consider replacing it with a    standalone soaking tub in a modern or traditional design.

Of course, just because you want to include a soaking tub doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your shower! Your remodeling team will be able to create a design that incorporates both styles and even expand your shower.

the kitchen master remodel stand alone deep garden tub open glass shower tile flooring and walls

Porcelain Tile

Tile has been making a comeback for bathroom designs for a few years now, but in 2015, porcelain tile will be especially popular for renovation projects.

Porcelain tile is more durable, water resistant and allows for highly realistic texture and color depth than does standard ceramic tile. Floor and wall tile colors and styles range from sleek contemporary finishes to heavily textured classic stone reproductions that can make your bathroom feel lavish, yet comfortable.

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Gray Color Scheme

White has long been the top choice for bathroom colors because of its crisp appearance, but now gray has become a contender that adds a more modern alternative to white. Try using this color for everything from your flooring to cabinetry.


Wall Hung Vanities

Try something new in your bathroom design by creating a striking vanity wall. For a space-opening contemporary look instead of the more traditional vanity cabinet down to the floor, very little storage is lost by hanging your cabinets a few inches above the floor.

You can even enlarge the space and highlight your new vanity by adding hidden lighting underneath. Sleek laminate or wood veneer cabinetry will enhance the style of your new modern bathroom. Your certified designer will show you how it can be done.

wall hung vanities

LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming more popular and affordable. LED fixtures and bulbs have improved in both color and price. This highly efficient method of lighting is especially effective and beautiful in bathroom settings. It can wrap and be hidden in mirrors for very effective make-up and grooming uses. Low heat ceiling or wall lighting with very small but attractive fixtures will add beauty and cost savings in your powder room or master bath. For almost every type of room, and now, this is especially true for bathrooms.


Heated Flooring

Cold bathroom floors have always been a problem for homeowners of every age. That problem can now be easily eliminated by adding a heat system under your new bathroom floor. This innovation is surprisingly easy to add new your new or remodeled bathroom. Tiny electric coils are spread evenly under whatever new floor material you select. Seven day programmable thermostats embedded in the floor warm the floor when you need it while saving money. Even your shower floor can be heated to take the chill out of that early morning shower.


Sensor-Operated Faucets

Sensor operated faucets may also be a great choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. These are not only convenient—they could even save on your water use. You will save water and the power needed to heat the water because you won’t need to leave it running as much with these new faucets. When your hands are dirty, wet or when you are carrying something, you don’t have to stop to turn the water on or off with the handle. Depending on which type of sensor faucet you have, all you do is touch the faucet of move your hand near it.

Many people choose to use sensor-operated faucets for their kitchen sinks, but you could also use them for your bathroom sinks and showers as well.



Fireplaces in the bathroom? Yes, believe it! Today’s bathroom designs are all about incorporating ultra-lavish touches, and fireplaces are the perfect addition. If your master bathroom is directly adjacent to your bedroom, you could even have your home design team make the fireplace connect between the two spaces.


What are your favorite bathroom design trends for 2015? Let us know on The Kitchen Master’s Facebook page!

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