4 Innovations in Green Design in Kitchen Renovations

The Kitchen Master | December 29, 2014

Here at The Kitchen Master, we believe that renovations should be environmentally friendly, especially for kitchen designs. After all, they are one of the most-used rooms in people’s homes, and including “green” features here could result in significant energy and water usage savings. Want to use environmentally friendly innovations for your own kitchen renovation? Follow our guide to four of the most effective features to include.

Water-Saving and Sensor Faucets

Avoid handles with food covered hands

Many people use much more water in their kitchens than they realize. If you’re looking for a way to cut back on your water usage, consider incorporating a faucet that will save water in your new kitchen. You can purchase a low water flow faucet to save money and water. It will have an aerator system to give you adequate force at a lower consumption rate. Another great way to save water and energy is through the use of the newly designed faucets with sensors built in that turn the faucet on and off without the need to stop what you are doing to reach and adjust the handle. Depending on which brand you choose, all you have to do turn the water on or off is just lightly touch the spout or move your hand over it without touching it. This will make it much easier for you to not have to leave the water running for long lengths of time while you use the sink. These new faucets will also stay cleaner since you don’t have to constantly grab the handle with food covered hands.

Countertops Made of Resource and Energy Conserving Materials

Countertops made of recycled materials
Countertops made of recycled materials

When you recycle your glass and jars, do you ever wonder what happens to them? Well, they may be going into your countertops! Yes, today, homeowners are often opting for countertops made of recycled materials, including glass. These countertops provide the same sleek appearance of granite or quartz, yet they’re a much more environmentally conscious option. They’re usually available in a variety of colors, too, including blue-gray, beige, dark blue, emerald-gray and many more.

Another great counter choice is the man-made quartz countertop. It is becoming as widely used as granite and offers endless design possibilities while helping conserve energy and natural resources. These beautiful counters are made up of 90% or more of quartz crystals and powders. Since quartz is one of the most abundant and inexpensive minerals on earth, you will be preserving less abundant materials and cutting back on the energy and oil needed to make other counter materials like solid surface and laminates tops. Consult with your kitchen renovation specialist to see if you could use these great new countertops in your kitchen remodeling.

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Environmentally-Friendly Flooring

Now that you’ve chosen environmentally friendly materials for your countertops, do the same for your kitchen’s floors! There’s a new type of resilient full sheet material called Marmolium flooring. It is made from all-natural materials like linseed oil, wood flour and limestone. More of a hardwood floors person? You can still stay green with this style flooring, too! Search for hardwood flooring composed of wood from sustainable sources approved by Forest Stewardship Council. You may also want to consider more exotic woods, like bamboo, for your wood flooring. Natural cork is another beautiful and comfortable eco-friendly floor covering. It is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. The bark is scraped off without harming the tree and it grows back quickly!

Dishwashers with Soil Sensors and High Energy Star Ratings

Not every load of dishes is created equal. Sometimes, you may only need to wash half a load of dishes, while other times, you may need to do an entire load. Older dishwasher models may not recognize the different levels of soil on the dishes or the size of the loads and they will use the same amount of water for both. Dishwashers equipped with the latest sensor technology, however, can detect how dirty the dishes and pots are and adjust the water usage accordingly.

Make sure you consider buying a more efficient dishwasher by looking at and comparing the Energy Star labels and ratings. Also, a dishwasher with more cycle choices including eco drying and light wash will conserve both water and the large amount of energy needed to heat the water. While you’re shopping, take a look at the drawer style dishwashers. You can use just one drawer for smaller loads instead of waiting for a full load with a full size door dishwasher.

What are your favorite innovations for environmentally friendly kitchen designs? Let us know by leaving a comment on The Kitchen Master’s Facebook page! To get started on your kitchen remodeling project, contact our team today.

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