3 Latest Kitchen Trends for 2016

The Kitchen Master | December 8, 2015

In December 2015, we detailed what we believed to be the most important trends in kitchen remodeling at the dawn of the new year. For the most part, we think our forecast was spot on, and that the same design preferences will continue to influence kitchen renovation projects in Chicago and elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

Here’s what we said at the beginning of the year, with some current updates:


Monotone kitchens highlight 2017 forecasts, or kitchens swathed with a single bright ribbon of color. Can you envision it?

Black is the “new white” for kitchens, according to some color gurus, but if you choose white, choose all white and be bold about it — that’s what will lift your kitchen remodel above the crowd and mark you as a style leader!

The dusky, earthy tones of clay and matte finishes rather than fingerprint-prone shiny surfaces are emerging as kitchen favorites for the coming year, just as they are in the bathroom.

Inject warmth in your kitchen with colorful designs
A single warning for those who want to be in step with the latest trends — copper and rose gold seem to be on their way out in favor of more familiar finishes that include bronze, weathered brass and and darker stainless finishes.

Color is, of course, personal, and if black seems oppressive to you, opt for unexpected color; even splash on bright color on your pro-style range if it suits you. Pale will not win you raves in the coming year!

Basically, ignore the rules and embrace what feels right for you and your family.


The trend away from the formula kitchen began a few years ago, and we applaud popular dictum that personal space is as important in the kitchen as elsewhere in the home.

Choose personal kitchen designs that agree with you

Personalizing a kitchen renovation project will continue to be a priority, and that can mean forms that include a lot more curves and ovals as well as larger islands that not only are multi-leveled, but that function on a number of different levels. Supersize seems to be a better solution for the future than multiple islands, and some of the newer designs are spectacular, with multiple levels and multiple functions the norm.

Think about what will work well to serve your own family’s needs, and go for it. Never feel you have to be bound by tradition. Do you want an open plan kitchen? Would you prefer a one-wall kitchen that can be hidden from view except when it’s actually working for you? These options are a definite possibility with a design sleight-of-hand design and out-of-the box thinking.

Appliances also can be personalized. If you lust after a pro-style range in a bright color, you can have it. Several manufacturers go beyond basic black, white and stainless to provide finishes like black stainless or rose gold. They are the hottest looks on the market. Mixing and matching to achieve a particular look is fun.

Choose a spectacular range as the focal point for the kitchen, and then hide other appliances behind cabinet fronts, or banish them to nearby pantry space if you desire.

Explore kitchen installment options with the kitchen master


Small appliances, helpful gadgets and tools, and point-of-use installation means that working in the kitchen of the future will be easier, more fun, and adaptable to multiple cooks at the same time. Prep and clean up sinks are available in all sizes and configurations. Pot-fillers and pro-style goose-neck faucets make a lot of sense for serious cooks.

Snack centers, wine bars with built-in chillers, under counter refrigerators and icemakers, dishwasher drawers, separated refrigerators and freezers, and even pull-out microwaves speak to a renewed interest in food. Kitchens of the future may be compartmentalized to serve a variety of needs while saving space.

And Now:

We don’t see the need for convenient food prep and clean up centers disappearing any time soon! Modern appliances may change the way homeowners cook, clean and store food, but the number of gadgets and time-saving devices is likely to increase. Be ready for the technological advances and plan for them if a kitchen renovation is in your future.

Think Green

One last note about the coming year. The trend toward green living is growing, Plan to install some growing plants in your new kitchen and think about edible plants, either herbs you can use routinely, or container plants to produce tomatoes during the season.

Even if the plants are just for show, they’ll freshen the air, and provide a pleasant backdrop for other activities.

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