2018 Kitchen Design & Remodeling Trends

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Just as surely as the date on the calendar will change in the new year, kitchen design trends will offer exciting new surprises to keep the heart of the home stylish and fresh in 2018. Some trends are already in evidence.

Color, convenience and customization are the watchwords, according to designers. But personalization is key. Here’s our take on important new ideas that will influence kitchen design in the coming year.

Kitchen Color Trends for 2018

Darker Colors, including black, are likely to surge to the top of the list. It’s been on the horizon, but the new look is toward darker and sleeker, a moody palette and less shine. That doesn’t in any way point to gloomy, though. Contrast is important, and accents like small appliances and kitchen towels can be as colorful as you like! A salt and pepper palette is perfect for the “with it” kitchen.

the kitchen master cabinet renovation with organized white dishes

Purple will Reign in Home Décor & Interior Design

Actually, the Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. So says Pantone Color Institute, the leading voice in color for everything from lipstick to new vehicles for nearly two decades. We’re already seeing the provocative, enigmatic saturated tone splashed on everything from backsplash tile to slow cookers and stand mixers. It’s energizing but calming at the same time, and we’ll be seeing the color everywhere in the coming year.

More Character & Convenience in 2018 Kitchen Designs

Kitchen individuality has always been important; this year it’s vital. Blackened zinc ventilation hoods, fireclay sinks and tiles, black and white tile flooring. It’s a decor direction that’s as classic as ancient history and as new as you can imagine. Character and personalization affect everything from cabinets to flooring to lighting fixtures. It’s all about individuality in 2018.
the kitchen master kitchen renovation dark cabinets pendant lighting over granite bar with stools

Convenience will also be paramount in 2018 kitchen designs. Old-fashioned hideaway storage, appliance garages, pull-up shelves and pull-out storage, butler’s pantries, and tall storage cabinets will make a comeback in 2018 kitchens. In some ways it’s a return to the way Grandma organized her space; it’s also a giant step into the future; cooking and eating will be, once again, an important part of family life, but the supplies and the “stuff” won’t always be visible.

the kitchen master kitchen remodel with pull out pot storage under cabinet
Major trends to look out for:

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Painted finishes have made a comeback. Dark is in. Rustic is still popular. But don’t feel that you’re locked in to a particular look. Two-tone cabinet finishes will make an inroad into trendy kitchen design in the coming year: Think different colors or door styles for upper and lower cabinets. Alternatively, plan an island or a freestanding tall cabinet in a different style from the rest of the kitchen.
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Technology in Kitchen Design

Newer appliances are sleek and smart. Revamping a kitchen in 2018 will mean embracing new technology, updating the kitchen floor plan, and establishing the kitchen not as the heart of the home, but as its nerve center. The kitchen will be “smarter,” not only in terms of good looks but especially in the way that it performs. Appliances will communicate with one another, and with owners, to make living easier and more convenient!
the kitchen master kitchen dining room virutal design mockup

Backsplash and Counter Trends

It may go without saying that backsplashes and countertops will be newly important in trendy 2018 kitchens. But just how they will look is up to the individual owner. Some of the hottest trends pair simple white solid surface counters with darker cabinets and patterned tile backsplashes: A great color palette includes various shades of purple, along with blue, white, black and maybe a bright. Nice!

Kitchen Flooring Trends

Natural and easy care continue to be the main factors that influence choice of flooring in modern kitchens. Wood is a popular choice, especially in its distressed and hand-scraped versions; but vinyl, tile and even sustainable cork will continue to be popular choices. It’s a personal decision, one that should be based on overall home style and personal preference. One note: darker tones will become more popular in 2018 than white or pale colors.

Kitchen Wall Colors

In some quarters, wallpaper has made a comeback; but “living walls” of greenery and rustic wood paneling continue to add homey touches to trendy 2018 kitchens. If you want to be in touch with the trends, dusky grey, a soft purple with underlying hints of blue, or even a darker navy might add a stunning new note of style to your updated kitchen.

Planning for Your 2018 Kitchen

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